Drone Service Provider

Airospace Solutions, a fully licensed and insured drone service provider offering an extensive range of services.

Film Solutions

With DJI dominating filmmaking with advanced drones and gimbals, reshaping aerial cinematography. Their relentless pursuit of tech innovation, including cameras like the Ronin 4D. uninterrupted transmission with the DJI Transmission System, sets industry standards, making DJI the go-to for filmmakers seeking top-tier equipment. Ask us about our projects!

Mapping and Inspection

DJI Enterprise products redefine mapping and inspection with cutting-edge technology. Elevate your projects with seamless integration, precision, and reliability using DJI solutions. Explore new heights in data acquisition and analysis. Ask us about our successful projects!

Search and Rescue

DJI Enterprise products revolutionize Search and Rescue operations with unparalleled capabilities. Harness advanced technology for swift and effective missions. Elevate your search and rescue efforts with DJI's reliable solutions. Ask us about our impactful projects!

South African Drone Service provider.

Airospace Solutions seamlessly blends profound expertise as a South African Commercial Drone Operator with an in-depth understanding of DJI products, encompassing DJI-PRO, ENTERPRISE, AGRAS, and CONSUMER Series. As the forefront partner for professional drone services and consulting, we integrate the reliability of DJI technology into every mission.

From chasing high-speed subjects with the high-speed Freefly Ember on a DJI RS3 gimbaled FPV to capturing live TV events with the cinematic precision of the DJI INSPIRE Series, our commitment to reliability is unwavering. We utilize the Enterprise Series DJI M30T and DJI M300 RTK for tasks ranging from wind turbine inspections to search and rescue, ensuring unparalleled accuracy while minimizing risks.

In the realm of cinematography, the DJI Inspire 3 RTK elevates our capabilities, capturing ProRes RAW 8K at 75fps with astonishing DJI color accuracy. Join us as we redefine your narrative and establish new benchmarks in aerial technology.

As a fully licensed RPAS Operator authorized by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) under ROC Nr: G1336D,

We have everything necessary to guarantee spectacular aerial services

Custom Drone Solutions For Your Needs


Multispectral + RGB imaging system (green, red, red edge, and near infrared). Enables applications such as high-precision aerial surveying, crop growth monitoring, and natural resource surveys.

3D Mapping

Using 3D mapping is a fast and effective way to get a overview of you construction site progress or go the extra step and get a Land surveyor to Sign off on the ground control points and get up to 1 cm* accuracy.

Thermal Solutions

Drones using thermal camera have a diverse use range anything from finding missing people on land or at sea to checking buildings for moisture buildup or AC leakages, solar panel inspection, construction, mining, electrical, surveillance, firefighting the list is endless.

Infrastructure Inspections

When it comes to building or infrastructure inspections the use of drones allows time and money to be saved as well as improved safety.

Precision Agriculture

Drones have become a key tool for agriculture, helping to identify in-field variability, improve farming practices, and optimize agronomic inputs.

Drone Parts or Products

Need something specific? we will source and import the products you need!

Why Choose Us
Our Mission

Our company aims to deliver exceptional service to its clients. With more than 10 years of drone experience, the company is being run by the best in their fields. Airospace is a company that specializes in helping all sorts of industries use and benefit from the power associated with drones. Whether you’re looking for help with inspections, surveying, or any flight solution, we will be able to assist you in all of them.

Our Vision

To be the best drone solution company is where we are headed. With so many companies already in existence we only want the best for our clients. We look forward to our company becoming a trusted household name.